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If you’ve been hit with a crazy contract, it can be hard to swallow the consequences. But when it comes to deceptive practices, it’s not your fault. Rising resort bills and dishonest business practices are just the beginning. While some timeshare owners try to ‘buckle down’ or ‘make the best’ out of a lifelong burden, there’s a better way out now! 

An Important Decision... Better Sooner than Later.

It’s never easy to stand up to deception… but somebody has to do it. 


Here’s the catch … 

Not everyone will qualify. And not everyone will take action after they do.

But for those of us who are ready to CANCEL our contracts and move forward with our lives…

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Nobody deserves to live under the weight of an illegal contract.

Who is Timeshare Travis?

Timeshare Travis helps owners who need advice for their timeshares! Travis will help you decide whether to keep it or cancel your timeshare. Let us help you make the right decision!  Travis has great advice and knows how to help you out of a major bind with your resort. Travis doesn’t like it when owners are taken advantage of and harassed by calls from debt collectors. Travis is on a mission to bring justice to owners who have been deceived, misrepresented, and flat-out lied to. Travis is ready to fight for you with a vengeance.

Timeshare Debt

$257 Million

Cancelled by our partners

Average Savings​


Average client savings when canceling


12 Years

Combined experience


7500 +

Timeshare owners helped​


Here’s what owners having been asking us!

If making payments are tough, don’t worry you are not alone! Thousands of owners have the same concerns and complaints. We’ve got a solution. If you find yourself frustrated with your contract and are unsure of what to do, take our assessment and contact us, we’ll get you sorted out fast!

This can take anywhere from 30 days – 24 months because every contract has unique terms. Once one of our partners have spoken to you and fully evaluated your situation they can provide with a targeted estimated cancellation date. 

The timeshare sale and rent market is packed with too much inventory! It’s supply and demand economics. There’s just too much available supply, and not enough demand. The only way to truly get freedom and savings is through a legitimate cancellation where you exit your timeshare completely. 

We need to talk first because everyone situation is different. Our partners may discover you own a timeshare, have a unique package deal with multiple resorts, or just have accumulated points. We required our partners to not work with you unless they are sure they can get you out!

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